Supportive Journal – Task 1

Task 1 – Compare and contrast examples of companies that produce both a print and online version of their newspaper or magazine.

Example 1 – The independent

independant the_independent print

The Independent is a British national morning newspaper published in London by Independent Print Limited. The independent uses a similar theme for both of there print and screen versions. supporting a very traditional ‘black ink on white printing paper’ kind of appeal. this reflects on the target audience of the independent. the average mid-old aged man or woman who doesn’t want flashy images to peak there interests, they just want to read the latest in news stories.

as for the use of images, The Independent use there images commonly in order to highlight main sections of interest on a page. for example on the web version. my eyes are instantly drawn to the Sheffield skyline picture, as it is the biggest and most profound of the images on the page. the print version follows a similar fashion. using big pictures to highlight the story on that page and other little images to ‘tease’ what coming up.

Both Print & Screen versions use there images as links to other stories. on the screen it is a direct click to go, on the print version looking at the images text indicates what page the rest of the story is on

Example 2 – Now magazine

Now screenNow print

NOW is a British weekly entertainment magazine in the UK, with a regular circulation of 196,726.It is a mix of celebrity news, gossip and fashion and is primarily aimed at women. the themes on the print and screen version are very different. this is probably because they fill different rolls unlike The Independent. The print versions job is to force-ably grab the readers interest, using a barrage of images and color to draw in the readers eye before they go onto reading the delicious gossip about todays celebs. the web version however doesn’t do this, if the user has gone out of there way to get to this website, then the grabbing interest part has allready been done. the print version is to meant to provide information about the latest topics.

The usage of images is very different in both version ,as previously stated, this is because of the different rolls they fill. the print version uses images to catch the eye whilst the screen version uses them to emphasize a story.

the layout on the screen is straight and organised. so that the information is more clearly presented. whereas on the print version, everything is less organized. images overlap and side heading and pictures lay at an angle rather then upright. again this is the differentiate it from other magazines on the shelf to help catch the readers eye and persuade them that this magazine is more zingy and intersting


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