Supportive journal – Task 2

Task 2 – Consider and research the main issues when designing for print as opposed to electronic devices/screen

When designing a magazine or other News articles etc. it is important to know about the Constraints and design issues concerning them. these can be things such as;  screen size, text adaptation, use of colour & resolution.

Screen Size – when designing for multiple platforms it is important to take into account about screen sizes for the different platforms. as the main example ,as this is what my work will be made for, the size for A4 paper is larger than the size of an iPad screen. so when designing the print version i would have to consider the extra space, i.e what could i add to it to fill it in or can i space/enlarge elements allready in without losing the interest of the reader whilst still also getting the same point across.

Text adaptation – because the screen sizes vary, we must also consider how our text must be changed or adapted from this. an iPad allows for multiple pages of elements to be stored on one app where as a print version. so when making a print version, a designer must find a way to get all this ‘extra page’ text information onto the main page. However, because an iPad has a smaller resolution,to be continued later, text on a print version can be shrunk and still be readable.

Use of Colour – Because of the different platforms the colour types of both are different. the Screen version uses Additive colours (Combines lights) whilst the print version uses Subtractive (Mixes Paints and inks). when design for both platforms this is a point to consider. as colours would behave differently.

Resolution – Both the screen and print version use a different resolution. Prints have a 300 ppi (pixels per inch) & iPads have a 130 ppi. the higher the ppi the sharper the image. this means that when designing a print version, images can be smaller than the iPad counterpart whilst still keeping the similar quality.


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