Supportive Journal – Task 3

Task 3 – Layouts – Research layouts for print and screen on existing brochures and other editorial and advertising materials.

For this task i will compare the print & iPad versions of the now magazine

the_independent print independant ipad

the print version has all ready been analysed in a previous entry. so i will skim details about that particular version. the iPads main menu has a blocked layout. where all the elements of the page are stored in equal sized boxes. unlike the varied style on the print version. this however follows a similar navigation system. with the pictures acting as hotspots linking the menu to specific articles on the website/newspaper. the text on the print is small, giving room to cram as much information they can on each page. whereas on the print version. because of the restrictions, as previously discussed on the other tasks the text on the iPad version is large spacious. with no extra images or advertisement crammed in on the side.


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