Supportive Journal – Task 5

Task 5 – Research logos and talk about famous ones, their origins, what makes a good logo and why are they so important for brands even today

When designing a logo for a company, it is important to take into consideration the 5 Principles of effective logo design. which are as follows:

  1. Simple
  2. Memorable
  3. Timeless
  4. Versatile
  5. Appropriate


a simple logo design allows it to be easily recognizable. having a simple logo also allows it to be versatile and memorable. a good logo would be able to feature something unique and interesting without being overdrawn and distracting from its original simple design


With close resemblance to the Simplicity principle. if a logo is simple and eye easing, the logo then becomes more easily remembered when refereed to. This gives viewers of the logo a more pleasant experience than one that isn’t nice to look at.


A logo that is timeless means that its not age specific. so a logo that looks great now (with respect to the current trend) would ,in eventual time, become boring and outdated and the company would have to remake/re-design the logo across the ages. a prime example of this would be coca-cola, who’s logo has been the same since 1885.


An effective logo should be able to be used across a variety of mediums and other applications. meaning that the logo should be designed in a vector format, this means that is can be re-scaled to any size whilst still maintaining its quality. some questions that are commonly used to check if a logo is versatile and effective are if it’s:

  • Printed in one colour?
  • Printed on something the size of a postage stamp?
  • Printed on a large billboard?
  • Printed in reverse?

One of the main tricks to ensure this is to design the logo on black and white first.


How the logo is designed must be appropriate for its intended purpose. For example, when designing a logo for a children’s toy store. A childish font & colour scheme is appropriate. i.e ToysRus. having the ToysRus logo for a law firm ,for example, wouldn’t be appropriate.

it is also important to remember that the logo shouldn’t be designed to show what the company service is. a car dealer ship doesn’t need to feature a car in the logo, an IT company doesn’t need a PC in the logo. a logo is purely for identification.


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