Supportive journal – Task 6

Task 6 – Research the constraints when implementing graphics to print and electronic devices/screen

With reference to points allready discussed or mentioned in the previous part of this supportive journal. i will now discuss the main constraints when implementing graphics to print and electronic devices


When implementing graphics to print there can be a few constraints to worry about.

Because print used a Subtractive colours (which mixes colours and ink) we must be careful when considering what colours to use on print. cost of ink, how it will look when printed etc. are just some of the issues to be considered. spacing is also a thing to consider. depending on what the goal of the print is the graphics should be reflected on that. if a image is meant to catch the eye then they would be laid out like on the Now Magazine. if there aren’t then, they could be to enforce/highlight a piece of text. like on the Independent newspaper.

Electric Devices

On electronic devices however, designer must be aware of the lowered resolution. so when implementing graphics, they must make sure that the image is just big enough so that the graphics have enough pixels to make the image without having them to big that they take up to much of the screen. However, this can relate to the next point. with how iPads screens can be laid out. some pages can be purely graphics without text and vice versa. so when implementing graphics, designers must take into account that the images can be used multiple pages at varied sizes. 1 way to solve this is to use vector based images that can rescale to any size.


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