Supportive Journal – Task 7

Task 7 – Research and consider how including interactivity within a document can engage your audience.

in digital media nowadays, Interactivity is the make or break for a document. with how far technology has adapted over the last few years. interactivity is one of the key elements to having a successful application or campaign etc.

There are many different way that interactivity can be placed onto a document. although the amount of interactivity is down to the platform that it is being worked on. for this journal entry, i will focus on how to include interactivity on an iPad app.

  1. Navigation, the main feature of any app or website is that the customer/viewer has the ability to navigate the app there own way. so viewers go on there own journey rather than one that predetermined for them allready
  2. Sounds/Video – having the viewer be able to manually play sounds and video aswell as navigate things such as gallery allows viewers to experience the content in there own way.

having these forms of interactions keeps the audience excited and make them want to stay here rather than go away

These are just some of the many elements of interactivity that a designer can put on a document. Interactivity is important because it allows customer to feel as-though they are directly interacting with the product rather than just looking/observing it. this extra level between customer and product can increase the success of said product.


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