Digital media analysis

Task No.
TASK DESCRIPTION Weighting % Word Count / Duration Deadlines



Audio Visual  Presentation

A disk containing 3 short movie files:

(1)Video tour made for client

(2) Web analysis screencast

(3) Mise-en-scene  analysis

And supporting documents. (scripts and PowerPoint slides from pitch)


40% of the module  (20+20)


10 min group client pitch (inc the play-through of product) .

5 min web site analysis

5 min mise-en-scene analysis


Live pitch presentation of video tour to client –

Mon 2 March in class

AV Portfolio of  work (3 movie files and written supplement) – Fri 28 March by 4 pm to Sheaf reception




Critical analysis  

Chose between formal report analysing a website or a film analysis essay


60% of the module


3000 w research report, on one of the module topics



End of module, after Easter



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