Graphics design for digital media

module brief – 

Task 1 – This will contribute to 60% of the final mark.
You’re tasked to design advertising media for the iPad (screen) & Print for a fictitious, ethical organisation. Choose one of the
following four options:
“Dis-count Discount” – A campaign to stop discounters selling clothes made cheap through poor working conditions and child
“Fill the Gap” – An initiative seeking local industry sponsorships for students from low income families.
“Slow Tech” – A green movement which encourages young people to delay device upgrades and to only buy second hand technology.
“Local Social” – A shared living organization, which is renting out apartments at reduced rates in exchange for communal support
work across the generations.
You will design 2 versions of advertising media, one for Print and one for iPad (screen), which will advertise one of the four fictitious
organisations outlined above. You will create your own original content (photographs, texts, illustrations). You must also include at
least one of the following multimedia items from the Folio Overlays plugin in In-Design (slideshow, image sequence, audio, video,

Task 2 – This will contribute to 40% of the final mark.
You are required to submit a Report on the following topic:
You will discuss the issues surrounding the development of print and screen design referring to Task 1 that you will complete as part
of this module. As you progress through the module the issues surrounding the development of designing for print and screen will
be discussed and tasks will be set for you to research the area and aid you with the development of your report and Task 1.
Requirements of your report should include:
• Set out in Report format with relevant introduction and conclusion
• You should show reference and research into the areas of all the research tasks set during the module
• You should refer to Task 1 that forms part of this module as an example of how you need to apply different techniques when
designing media for print as opposed to screen. Other relevant examples should be included.
• You should discuss the constraints that may apply when designing for these two media.
• Your report should include an Appendix in the form of a Supportive Journal, which you will keep throughout the duration of
the module to aid you with the development of this report and Task 1.
• Your report should include a bibliography with references to your research and screenshots where applicable to show
research and development of Task 1 – these can be taken or referred to from your supportive journal.
• The Harvard system of referencing should be used and at least 2 academic references applied.
Tasks will be available on the blackboard for you to refer to ensure that all the requirements have been met. Details of how to set
out your report will be covered in one of the sessions during the module and information available on the blackboard following this


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