Week 3 summary – integrated project

This week Brad Tom & James discussed and finalised the three ideas that would be presented to the Brocklebank & co Client. these three ideas where as followed; a short video using a mix of live filmed footage & 3D animation about a group of bored friends who are saved by the pizza oven, a stop motion animation of a pizza forming itself and cooking itself & a mini-game where the user can roll-out, top & cook there own pizza. after the lesson we contacted Marc & Kerrie, who had no issue with our discussed ideas, and organised a meeting in the library at 13:15 – 15:15 on Friday in meeting room 2.01, with the purpose of finishing of the client presentation and any illustration that needed to go with it.

Friday meeting –

Tom, Bradley, Kerrie & Marc turned up to the meeting. during this meeting we had a quick final discussion to make sure that we were all on the same page with our 3 pitch ideas. and then spent the rest of the meeting constructing a power point that will be used on Tuesday to pitch to the client. we also discussed how the pitch will be presented (who is saying what) ready for Tuesday. Tom has e-mailed James explaining the situation and what he is going to be doing on Tues for the pitch.

Here is a link to the Power-point presentation for download